Deepest thanks to all the music makers and moviemakers, for your video clips contributed to the House, for these songs and movies were specifically chosen, and purposed to help inspire the world through your wonderful vision and talent. So the deepest thanks again to all those music makers & movie makers who participated in creating these movies & songs to entertain the world of God's guests of this house! For you have all helped create a great House for God with your contribution to help build this house with me. For the Movie Makers and Music, Makers were always the prophets of old, who always told the best stories, for without there inspiration there would be no ripples in the pond!


Also credit goes to all the artists and graphic artists, authors, playwriters, Actors and Actresses! For I am very grateful to all these artist as well as behind the scene workers, lightworkers, angels, spiritual guides, healers, and so many more, that the Father knows all too well, who I have not mentioned here only because there is so many, in the past, present and future, who all have played a significant role that I believe would be endless, who have helped build this house for the glory of Gods name, For the world really needed to be entertained, encouraged, enlightened, empowered, and educated with all your wonderful talent: So with Kind thanks and love once again, and the deep respects, and thanks for inspiring and helping the world, With your contribution for Making this House Rock!


I also salute all the fallen soldiers, who have died, either known, or unknown, to protect those whom they love, and gave their lives to protect their family and country from foreign invasion, tyranny and oppression of the Creator's Creation of inhabitants!

I also would like to thank my family and my close friends in the world, past, and present who gave me back up over the years, when I too was lost, and difficult to love, but found by our Creator to teach me how to Love, like He teaches us all, fond love unto you all with heartfelt kisses: For all the citizens of my Kingdom are written in my book of life, as long as they do not get the mark of the beast choosing the vaccination!


So please know that our Heavenly Father loves you all, the Mother Earth Loves you all, The Almighty Loves you all, and I love you all: and If I have failed to leave someone out of these Credits, please forgive me, it is not to omit you, but I have sadly forgotten, for please understand, I am focused on my duty, to still press on very hard to win the war, to get the victory, for our Heavenly Father and save you all, through and with your understanding love and support, I do wish you all my sincere blessings and unconditional love!


But most of all 


I would like to thank Our Heavenly Father, the Creator, for His wonderful works through the children of men, in helping Us build this wonderful House, with the collaboration of all His children, to create this happy home of a beautiful hove, to wonder of the infinite possibilities of what lays waiting for us all in the One above, to give all the Honour, power and glory to our Creator and His Holy Name, through all our love, and gratefulness for His everlasting loving-kindness, mercy, and compassion, and most of all His phenomenal goodness: Therefore with deepest respect, and sincerity from all Your Creation on this planet, with thoughtful love unto You from all of us, with feelings that sometimes are so dear and tender and that are all are so intimately individual, that there are no words that I could possibly express on behalf of all the Creation on planet Earth, of how grateful we all are, and how much we all love You, to show You our joy that not only are you a Good Heavenly Father, but we are all so warmly appreciative of all the kindness in the wonderful gifts that we all have received from You throughout our lives, that together united as a family of One, that is now reconciled back unto You in Your love, that we all offer our deepest gratitude for being brought back into the Light of your Everlasting Love by You, and Your guidance, through Your loving kind Spirit, that we are all so extremely thankful that You first loved us, and Created us, and Created a happy Home for us all, to fellowship with You in love and happiness through Your good Positive energy of infinite unfailing perfect love: