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The One: Today, the system of things in the world is breaking down, and is on the verge of total collapse, because the whole world has lost the way, as mankind is in a state of self destruction, forgetting the basic divine law of love, a law that brings order to an uncivilized world. For the problem with mankind is, the more rules and laws he creates, the more chaos and division, yet without any truth of a divine law, it to would also create much chaos, and division. So in search for a sound balance, where it serves the bests interests for all mankind, I built this virtual home to help all people come to the light of knowledge of the truth! Thereby this truth that I share in my home with you, is to show you that there is hope, a hope that the world of mankind can change! A Hope, that if we can start to be true with our love, and align ourselves to the truth of the ONE, we could all be free from all lies and falsehoods that are programmed into us by the world, lies that are tearing us apart and dividing us all, thereby, enabling mankind the hope to know the real reality is to be united in The universal truth of my Father, to save the world from its own peril of misadventure, as the fate of the world is truly in your hands, so its up to you, to start being true with your love, so that we can start the domino effect to move others with our love, to nudge the world in the right direction, by aligning ourselves to His truth, and demonstrating that truth with our love towards others, so that it will inspire each of us all, to restore the truth to an uncivilized world, so that we can all experience a world where anything is possible, if mankind can learn to love again...                    

Your choice rests upon you

Your choice rests upon you

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Psalms 139:12 

 Yea, the darkness hideth not from thee; but the night shineth as the day: the darkness and the light are both alike to thee.




do I give up on love and let another foolish virgin get my heart and break my heart again, oh no I have my armor on, the longer I press forward the more clever I become, as do not think, I do not know how the mind of a woman works, for I did do the shadow work of the soul to be able to love my woman better, to be neither a male or female, for I was never a human being, nor am I from this world and I will get married even if it takes a thousand years or if I must write another hundred letters?