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To my bride Zion named Beautiful,
This door is open and the dream has just begun!

The Kingdom of dreams is about my dreams of Zion, as one door is for hope to save her, and the other door leads to the source and to Zion. Both doors have this amazing story that I share with the public, to reveal the insights into the dreams of my future bride-to-be. The dream of the woman I love, has no fantasy tale to share, for this novel is the true story of my heart, which is purely written to woo my future bride to be. Unlike the dream of my counterpart about my bride, it has its own unique style and flair, to capture her heart with my feelings, that I express with my best ability, to satisfy her aching heart from the longing, and hunger of the love that she has been searching and dreaming for her whole entire life. Most of the letters that were written in this story, was written in verse with an unexpected grace upon my lips to write this book of love, which allowed me to discover the real inner source within, that holds the deepest feelings within my heart, as the grace from my Father helped me express these untold feelings of love to my beautiful bride when ONE guided my dreams, hands and life, which allowed me to comfort my future bride to be, throughout the pages of time.

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